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Flexible card


  • Double-sided card to adapt to all styles of work and all hair styles
  • Ergonomic non-slip handle
  • Can be used on all hairs
  • Stainless steel pins whose curved shape is specially designed to respect the hair and skin


Brush gently with a light, long stroke beyond the ends of the bristles to avoid static and bristle breakage.

For best results, brush the bristles in several layers. Start at the bottom by parting the coat horizontally and hold the unbrushed part up with your free hand.

Methodically work upward while keeping your wrist straight to avoid contact with the dog's skin.


Detangling- Gently place the bristles of the brush on the tangle by tapping, then backcomb some hairs from the tangle by pulling the brush towards you and thus moving the bristles away from the coat. Repeat until the tangle is gone.

Help yourself by applying Magic-Detangler.


To prevent tangles and knots, your dog's coat should be washed and treated with Bath Cream Conditioner regularly.


Color: red and black

Soft card/brush

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