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Designed specifically for hairless dogs and cats,who have skin thinner than that of humans, it does not contain any toxic products present in creams for humans.


It provides gentle and effective hair removal in approximately 5 minutes*.


Its formula is enriched with oil to hydrate the skin and leaves the skin soft. Thanks to its scent, the cream offers a delicate scent during and after hair removal.


Instructions for use: apply the cream to the areas to be treated, leave to act for +/- 5 minutes*, remove the hair by rubbing, then rinse thoroughly with lukewarm water.


At the end of grooming, use definitely the Magic-Baume repairer for soft, supple and comfortable skin.


*Hair removal time varies depending on hair type, check in between


To note:

  • If you leave the cream on too long and the dog has a reaction, apply the Magic-Balm very generously after the complete maintenance.
  • in the same way if your dog is not used to the cream, you can apply a very thin layer of Magic-Baume before applying the depilatory cream

Don't forget that shaving hardens the hair; on the contrary, depilatory cream will make the hair finer and easier to remove.

Hair remover

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PriceFrom €16.95
  • Hair removal cream for dogs and cats

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