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Instructions for use: pour the equivalent of approximately an apricot kernel onto a previously wet shower flower and rub in a circle all over the dog's body; re-wet the flower as many times as necessary to thoroughly exfoliate the skin



  • after the depilatory cream, you will remove traces of it at the same time
  • before shampooing if you haven't shaved it
  • in dogs with pimples and blackheads, use the scrub two to three times a week; don't hesitate to rub hard, all the impurities will come out. If during the first week you do not see any improvement or even a worsening, rest assured, during the second week, your dog or cat's skin will begin to regain its balance.

Use the Conditioning Cream Bath on the trims after washing and definitely the Magic-Repairing Balm after drying the dog, all over the body


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PriceFrom €13.95
  • Exfoliating gelwith essential oilsand based on Apricot kernel powder. It also contains aburdock extract, a plant which is known for its anti-acne and anti-septic effect anda fruit oil which also has an anti-acne effect.


    This very gentle foaming gel, its light foam cleanses, eliminates dead cells and roughness to create new skin.

    Its energizing scent has a refreshing and energizing effect.


    Regularly practiced, exfoliation improves the appearance of the skin, more toned and more radiant.

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