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Fine cream,  silky and non-greasy


This milk contains:

  • a large percentagejojoba oil, aloe vera, silk oil and fruit oils.
  • urea as a moisturizing agent,bisabolol (chamomile oil extract) which has the same anti-inflammatory effects as cortisone (without having the disadvantages), and allantoin which has a healing effect on small skin lesions.
  • panthenol (pro-vitamin D)  was chosen for its important role in maintaining optimal hydration.Vitamin E to powerfully hydrate, stimulate and improve the elasticity of the epidermis.

This milk does not contain mineral oils (vaseline, paraffin, silicones, etc.)


Hairless dogs: Used daily, Hydralait improves hydration levels and the skin quickly regains its freshness; the dog will keep the skin soft, supple and comfortable.

Its energizing scent has a refreshing and energizing effect.

!!! Use Magic-Baume after depilatory cream and/or scrub, in case of skin rashes, blackheads, scratches, sunburn


Puffs and dogs, long-haired cats: if the fur is damaged, dull, dry, brittle, with scouring knots, 2 ways to use Hydralait:

  • in 1 liter of water, dilute 1/2 glass of cream bath and 1 teaspoon of hydralait, distribute over the fur, work well into the fur and do not rinse. Wash the dog imperatively within 7 days
  • 2 to 3 days before grooming, take Hydralait with your hands and  apply in the direction of the hair, massage gently from base to ends


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  • Moisturizing cream

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