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Very gentle, you can use it daily and use it for puppies and cats


It is based on products of natural origin and contains a resin that helps condition the hairs.

Mother-of-pearl increases the shine of the coat, essential fruit oils strengthen the protection of the skin.


As active ingredients it contains:

  •  panthenol (pro-vitamin D) for its moisturizing, anti-inflammatory and healing effects on small skin lesions.
  • fruit oils that moisturize the skin and give shine to the hair.
  • mother-of-pearl which increases the shine of the coat


This very gentle shampoo does not contain added salt which dries out the skin

Rinse completely before applying conditioner.


Highly concentrated:  Dilution of 50-100ml for one liter of water

Pearly Gentle Shampoo

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PriceFrom €9.95
  • Gentle shampoo for dogs and cats, adults and BB

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